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Questions about Emigration/Immigration

Why did they all emigrate?

When did they emigrate?

What was the voyage like?

"Ralph Waller" - a diary of the voyage of the ship on which the Raymond Family went to Australia

What did they find when they got there - Early 19th Century Melbourne and the Search for Gold

The homelands of our ancestors

Ashwell - the home of the Waldock Family

Britwell Salome, Oxfordshire - the home of the Stevens Family

Castle Combe,Wiltshire - the home of the Newman Family

Dumbarton - the home of the Govan Family

The Harz Mountains - the home of the Topperwien Family

Great Torrington, Devon - the home of the Bulley Family

Northern Ireland - the home of Rachel ELDON and James FOX

Winchester - the home of the Raymond Family

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