Associated Families
Elver Family
Castle Combe, Wiltshire
Bulley Family
Great Torrington, Devon
Stevens Family
Britwell Salome, Oxfordshire
Raymond Family
Winchester, Hampshire
Govan Family
Dumbarton, Scotland
Waldock Family
Ashwell, Hertfordshire
Fox Family
Eldon Family
Topperwien Family
The Harz Mountains, Prussia
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The NEWMAN Family from Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England.
The 19th Century watercolour on the right is of St Andrews Church, Castle Combe, where many of our ancestors were baptised, married and buried. The large box tombs outside the door of the church are those of William(1) & Elizabeth Newman, née ELVER, William2 Newman & Ann Newman, née JENKINS Elver & Sarah Newman, née Coleman.

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St Andrews Church,
where generations of Newmans were baptised, married and buried