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The NEWMAN Family Bible

Peter Newman's Page

Known Newman Descendants.

The very earlies NEWMANs that we know about can be found in the link to Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England where they were for many generations before the earliest Newman listed here. A direct link has yet to be established so I cannot claim them with any certainly, so on this page we are presenting only the proven Newman ancestors.

First Generation
William(1) NEWMAN (c1687-1762) Yeoman Farmer, Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England

Second Generation - Children
John NEWMAN, bapt. 1721
Elizabeth NEWMAN, 1723-1744
Anne NEWMAN, bapt. 1724
William(2) NEWMAN (1740-1774) Gent., Yeoman Farmer, Innkeeper, Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England

Third Generation - Grandchildren
John NEWMAN, 1762-1802
Mary NEWMAN, 1764-1778
William NEWMAN, 1765-1769
Elver NEWMAN (1768-1833) Gent. Yeoman Farmer, innkeeper, Castle Combe, Wiltshire
William NEWMAN, 1770
Elizabeth SMITH, 1772

Fourth Generation - Great Grandchildren
Ann Elver SUMSION, 1790-1826
William Beard NEWMAN, 1791-1816 Surgeon, Corsham, Wiltshire
John Coleman NEWMAN, 1792-1819
Thomas NEWMAN (1793-1854) Surgeon. Marshfield, Glos. England
Edmund NEWMAN, 1794-1794
Elizabeth NEWMAN, 1795-1831
Frances NEWMAN, 1796-?
James NEWMAN, 1797-? Yeoman Farmer, Hullvington, Wiltshire
Elver Dolman NEWMAN, 1799-1841 Druggist, Bitton, Wiltshire
Henry NEWMAN, 1801-1827
George NEWMAN, 1802-? Currier, Castle Combe, Wiltshire
Mary NEWMAN, 1806-1864
Sarah NEWMAN, 1807-1832

Fifth Generation - Great Great Grandchildren
Edward Ford NEWMAN (1827-1911) Accountant. Marshfield, Glos. England, Richmond, Vic. Australia

Sixth Generation - Three times Great Grandchildren
Edward NEWMAN (1861-1943) Joiner. Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
George (died in infancy)
Frederick (died in infancy)

Seventh Generation - Four times Great Grandchildren
Sydney William NEWMAN (1891-1978) Mechanical Engineer. Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Leonard NEWMAN, Joiner and builder
Walter Newman, 1896-1962 Joiner and builder, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Eighth Generation - Five times Great Grandchildren
Hilda Dorothy Pentland
Winifred Venie Saunders
Eileen Edith Crawford-Condie
Edna Florence Dina Broughton (author of website)
Helen Margaret Curtis
Lorna Hingston
Meryl Snase
Olive Vera Newman Allan
Beryl Mabel Kings
Hazel Nora Henry

Ninth Generation - Six times Great Grandchildren
Sue Pentland
Margaret Louise Sim
Alan Campbell Pentland
Mary Yorke
Raymond Alan Saunders
Peter Saunders
Kenneth Crawford-Condie
Robert Newman Crawford-Condie
Stuart Crawford-Condie
John Crawford-Condie
Anne Crawford-Condie
Elizabeth Jane Noureeva
Beatrice Joan Fox
Gerard Eldon Fox
David John Curtis
Stephen Peter Curtis
Anne Elizabeth (Anna) Curtis
Patricia Ruth
Jennifer Baker
Alan Hingston
John Snase
Peter Snase
Margaret Pitt
Jane Allan
Peter Newman Allan
Mary Allan
Carolyn Kings
Janis Kings
Andrew Kings
Jocelyn Moorhouse
Jennifer Drury
Peter Henry
Stephen Henry

Tenth Generation - Seven times Great Grandchildren
Louise Wui Lien
Robert Wui Sim
Thomas Campbell Newman Pentland
Alice Rose Pentland
Charlotte Myline Dorothy Blanche Pentland
Alexander Thomas Yorke
Stewart Yorke
Terance James Yorke
Kathryn Elise Saunders
Joanna Marion
Michael Newman Saunders
Matthew David Saunders
Kirsten Michelle Saunders
Nathan Crawford-Condie
Jessica Crawford-Condie
Helen Belton
Benjamin Ian Crawford-Condie
Harriet Crawford-Condie
Thomas Crawford-Condie
Sally Crawford-Condie
Daniel Lovell
Alice Lovell
Sophie Cornelius
Marcus Vallance
Jan Ho
Alan Ho
Alicia Fox
Henrique Fox
Ellen Honora Curtis
Huon Luke Curtis
Robin Edwry Curtis
Myles Boylan Curtis
Leon Elias Curtis
Nicola Rose Jones
Caitlin Rebecca Jones
James Baker
Thomas Baker
Samuel Baker
Benjamin Hingston
Aaron Hingston
Kaitlin Hingston
Andrew Snase
Matthew Snase
David Snase
Michael Snase
Catherine Pitt
Emma Zoe Allan
Christopher Nicholas Newman Allan
Dominic Renton Allan
Aysen Ozturk
Eren Ozturk
Andr'e Ozturk
Robert Moorhouse
Anna Moorhouse
Sarah Moorhouse
Kate Drury
Thomas Drury
Claire Henry
Jessica Henry
Elliot Henry
Claire Henry

Eleventh Generation - Eight times Great Grandchildren
Max Cornelius
Sebastian Cornelius
Olivia Hanna Jones
Jasper Lawrence Jones
Joshua Allan
Frankie Allan